xPhoneApp™ is an eXtensible Phone Application middleware innovated by Phoneomena, Inc. It allows developers to create mobile business applications without having to learn complicated or new technologies such as Java 2 Micro Edition, BREW, or Microsoft .NET Compact Framework. The technology enables developers with web programming experience, to use their skill set and learn nothing more to develop sophisticated mobile applications. Furthermore, the technology provides significant portability across different platforms.

Phoneomena products allow the enterprise to easily create its own mobile applications or mobilize existing applications without having to learn new technologies or make upfront investments. With Phoneomena products you will not be locked into any mobile platform and will not waste time and resources learning J2ME, Brew, Windows Mobile, Palm OS or Symbian. You will be freed to focus on your mobilization strategy to achieve your business goals. You will literally be able to mobilize overnight, using only the standard web knowledge your IT team has today.

Return on Investment
  • Rapid development and prototyping: develop, test and load phone applications within hours or days instead of weeks or months
  • Short learning curve: nothing more to learn than standard XML
  • Portability: develop mobile platform-independent applications
  • Auto-provisioning of applications (no over-the-air application downloads required)
  • Easy maintenance
  • Application size not limited by phone capacity
  • Scalable to large enterprise
  • Built in database for local storage
  • Secure on SSL-enabled handsets

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