Phonetranet™ is Phoneomena's revolutionary middleware that enables the cost-effective and instantaneous mobilization of legacy applications. By using Phonetranet™, legacy applications running in the enterprise back end can be accessed and interacted with on small devices including Java phones and PDA's. Phonetranet client and server work together to deliver the application displays to the mobile device and to accept input from the mobile user. Phonetranet users are able to start remote applications, navigate application skins, input data, and optionally switch to a thumbnail mode for speedy navigation and for a full visualization awareness of the applications. In thumbnail mode, users can zoom in and out and navigate at any zoom level. Phonetranet also provides a rich input modes such as keyboard input, mouse pointer and tabs. Users are able to navigate highlight and interact with any application component.

Phonetranet™ is economically scalable. It uses no wireless application gateways and therefore does not require costly content and application code adaptation. By removing the high up front cost for mobilization, Phonetranet™ makes it easier for the enterprise to venture into the mobile world. Using Phonetranet™, it is possible to immediately mobilize several applications for a large number of users. An enterprise can start off cautiously by mobilizing only one application for one user, at a negligible cost of one User-App license.

Phonetranet is also reliable and does not require synchronization. There is no additional tier of data (such as in Wireless Application Gateways) that requires reliability or synchronization support. Source data is updated directly using Phonetranet leading to a higher quality of data and to a more up-to-date decision making process.

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