UbiMedô is a smart phone based medical assistant middleware designed for use in hospitals and clinics. It enables physicians, residents, nurses, and medical service providers (e.g., pharmacy, labs, X-Ray, etc.) to communicate and collaborate over real time, paperless, location-independent work flows that center around patients and their health care needs.

Sample ROI realized by UbiMedô

Accurate and optimized charge capture
Optimized hospital discharge through real time approval process
Faster dictation leading to faster billing cycle
Smart Investment
Short learning curve
Rapid development life cycle
Technology proof
Support for dynamic changes.

UbiMedô applications

Patient Lists
Order Forms
Charge Capture
Document Viewing
Scan Image Viewing
Emergency Calls
Approval Requests

Built-in image viewer allows doctors to navigate quickly and easily through a large medical image, with zoom in/out capabilities.